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Picture1 For WebsiteI had an amazing experience with equine assisted leadership coaching. Cindy Warner showed me how mutual respect is key; and establishing engagement and connection is essential for a leader and a team to be effective.

Cindy shared that many leaders feel it’s all about being in charge and getting the job done; but, you find out very quickly with a horse that it’s about more. Yes, you have to convey clear direction to the horse and use instincts to read body language and stay safe; but, if you don’t engage and establish a connection, that horse is not going to follow you anywhere.

Picture2 For WebsiteEcho is a beautiful animal and we connected pretty quickly. After working together, Cindy pointed out that I never had any problems guiding and keeping him moving in the desired direction. I was proud of that, especially considering he weighs 10 times more than me.

This demonstrated very clearly a quote that I read:

“A leader's brilliant strategy is meaningless without execution; and, execution is impossible without an engaged and connected team.”

Thank you, Cindy and Echo, for an experience that I will never forget, that will help me immensely in my work and in life.

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Leading as a Coach Rather than a Boss

I had a book from the library, “Leading with the Heart” by Mike Krzyzewski, and inside the book was a scrap of paper left behind by a member of a local high school team. Very insightful - not just for student leaders.

Student LeadersIn his book, Coach K writes that, “Almost everything in leadership comes back to relationships. The level of cooperation on a team increases tremendously as the level of trust rises. Leaders instill respect for authority by having a caring attitude, by being direct, by communicating regularly, and by being honest.”

A coach promotes that same trust and accountability between the team members. While each individual needs to take responsibility for their own performance, team members work together to make one another better, recognize one another for going above and beyond, and get on one another if somebody is not doing their part. When there is a mutual commitment to achieve shared goals and team members recognize and appreciate the unique perspectives, talents, and skills that each individual brings to the table in achieving those goals, it strengthens the bond between team members and builds trust and accountability.

A coach focuses on people’s talents and strengths, not their weaknesses; and a coach doesn’t let a person’s weakness get in the way of their strength. A coach identifies and removes obstacles so people can succeed. This builds confidence and inspires the team. A coach gets to know how the individual team members respond to different methods of motivation; and a coach provides reinforcement and gives frequent feedback so people will see that their efforts are producing results.

An organization’s culture will evolve, as new people come in, as times change.  A coach allows the people to continually grow and develop along with the culture. Coach K talks about preparing a team in the workplace to handle the unexpected, “If land is dry and receives a deluge of rain, the land can’t absorb the rain. Land needs to have daily moisture to prepare the soil. If a culture is properly developed, if it’s nurtured and cared for, when there is a deluge of production, the team is ready to respond. The freedom to grow personally, the freedom to make mistakes and learn from them, the freedom to work hard and the freedom to be yourself – these should be guaranteed to every employee in an organization.”



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