Workforce Engagement & Retention Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning 2


  • Identify cultural assets that can be used to attract top talent and be an employer of choice, boost customer/client confidence, engagement and loyalty.
  • Identify cultural liabilities that contribute to disengagement and turnover, zero in on what is causing them and what can be done to eliminate them.
  • Provide a plan of action to implement initiatives that will increase levels of performance and job satisfaction.
  • Assist your team as needed to implement and sustain culture initiatives.
  • Guide workforce succession planning to be prepared to meet future needs and to preserve organizational integrity and trust within your communities.
  • Drive cultural transformation with awareness and intention.


"Thank you for all the time and effort you have put into helping us get going in the right direction. - Board Member, Nonprofit

"The resulting information from the Workforce Engagement & Retention Strategic Plan was concise, action-oriented, and valuable to our organization. It will help us continue to grow." - President of the Board of Directors, Manufacturing

"Going through this process brought out some of the most positive aspects of our department and has made me, as a manager, aware of the dedication of my staff." - Administrator, Government

"Mary's approach and interaction really brought out the best of all of our team members. We realize how valuable her skills and assets are to an organization seeking to build a culture of trust and integrity." - Director, Government

"THRIVE was extremely professional and effective. We've implemented some of the initiatives that were recommended and will implement others as the time is right." - President, Manufacturing