Workforce Development & Engagement Strategic Planning


  • Establish a clear direction for addressing current workforce needs and objectives, update your strategy to address future workforce needs and objectives, or redirect your strategy due to organizational changes
  • Identify cultural assets and opportunities to increase engagement and retention
  • Identify cultural liabilities that are causing disengagement and could give people reason to consider other opportunities

  • Utilize cultural assets in the recruiting process to engage candidates and identify those candidates who would thrive within your culture
  • Determine which areas of development will make the greatest impact for the team members and organization

  • Guide your workforce succession planning


"Thank you for all the time and effort you have put into helping us get going in the right direction." - Board Member, Nonprofit

"The resulting information from the Workforce Development and Engagement Strategic Plan was concise, action-oriented, and valuable to our organization. It will help us continue to grow." - President of the Board of Directors, Manufacturing

"Going through this process brought out some of the most positive aspects of our department and has made me, as a manager, aware of the dedication of my staff." - Administrator, Government