Mission/Vision/Purpose/Values Development or Updating

Values 2


  • Provide a strong cultural foundation of shared values, a clear focus, and a purpose beyond profits that are meaningful and relevant to the team members
  • Update statements to align with an evolving culture
  • Validate cultural authenticity and integrity
  • Integrate your culture brand/promise with your customer brand/promise to reinforce your service commitment


"our purpose here, through Thrive's thoughtful guidance, is clearer than ever. Thrive has helped us create a perfect blend of a service first approach. A quality experience that gets everyone moving in a direction that can sustain an organizational vision for many, many years to come." - Director, Government

"Mary easily brought all of the staff members into the conversations and included their input on everything that was accomplished. Their level of commitment was apparent . . . they developed mission, vision and purpose statements that are genuine and challenging to them on a daily basis." - Superintendent, Government

"Mary influenced cultural change within our organization by establishing a shared focus and by guiding the team to take accountability for standardizing and streamlining processes that would help us achieve our mission, vision and purpose and improve customer service." - Owner, Service/Retail Business