"Culture Fit"

Is NOT about uniformity, but is about individuality.
Is about what a person brings to a team beyond knowledge, skills and experience.
Is about what makes a person feel connected and engaged.
Is about what provides a mutually beneficial work experience.

For Talent Seekers:

"Culture Fit" for more effective Recruiting, Hiring & Onboarding

Job candidates approach an organization with a set of expectations. Those who believe that a culture and role will meet those expectations will feel more connected and engaged. As a team member, it will improve the quality of what they bring to the organization and they will have higher levels of performance and job satisfaction.


  • Assess cultural expectations and determine what engages a candidate/new hire. (Demonstrates your commitment to a people-focused culture.)
  • Identify some of the motivational strengths and abilities the candidate/new hire brings. (Reveals how they can positively impact the team and organization.)
  • Let the candidate/new hire know how the role and responsibilities align with their intrinsic motivators. (Shows them how they will be contributing to the bigger picture.)
  • Establish a cultural connection with top recruits to help seal the deal and improve retention of new hires. (Makes it relatable to them, anyone can just say they have a good culture.)

Feedback from a job candidate: "Was it helpful to understand how the role aligns with what motivates you? ABSOLUTELY! And to see how you would connect and engage within their culture? Yes, because job candidates and employers are basically interviewing each other in this red hot job market."



For Job Seekers:

"Culture Fit": Where would you thrive?

Approaching your job search with a better understanding of what engages and motivates you and knowing what makes you feel connected within an organizational culture will lead to a more positive and fulfilling work experience.


  • Align a potential role with what engages and motivates you.
  • Understand how you fit into the big picture and will be bringing value.
  • Identify what type of questions to ask about an organization's culture.
  • Show potential employers how you can positively impact the team and the organization.

"I feel that THRIVE's "Culture Fit" hit the nail on the head. Definitely something I’d like to be able to share with potential/future employers." - Job Searcher

 *** Currently being offered to individuals who are job searching at no cost *** 

Go to the CONTACT US page, request "Culture Fit" for job searchers and provide your contact information. (This info will not be shared and your request will remain confidential.) We will email you the assessment form which can be completed and sent back.



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"It was the perfect mixture of support and accountability. You had adequate training and guidance, then they let you run with it without someone constantly looking over your shoulder."

"Just one example: We got a new puppy and my supervisor told me to work at home for a couple of weeks. She knew I would be less stressed and more focused at home not worrying about the puppy."