Culture Assessment & Renovation

As in a home renovation, before you make changes for the better, you need to evaluate the current condition, identify assets, and determine what conditions are detrimental and will continue to cause problems.



  • Current state of your culture
  • Cultural strengths and weaknesses

ANALYZE - Determine what changes would make the greatest impact.

  • What specific components of culture that are most important to your team?
  • What culture initiatives would be most beneficial for the team and organization?

ACT - Develop a plan and take actions that will achieve the desired outcomes and deliver the highest value.

  • Based on a better understanding of your current culture, establish a vision for the future state of your culture and identify key objectives
  • Develop and implement strategies with the team to strengthen cultural weaknesses and achieve key objectives
  • Clarify your culture promise, utilize cultural strengths and develop internal brand advocates to promote your culture in recruiting and hiring
  • Ensure that your organization is living the culture on a daily basis and delivering on your culture promise for team members and customers
  • Stay tuned in to your team members
  • Give the team accountability moving forward by providing goals, coaching and support to ensure continued success with culture efforts


"Mary's approach and interaction really brought out the best of all of our team members. We realize how valuable her skills and assets are to an organization seeking to build a culture of trust and integrity." - Director, Government

"THRIVE completed a culture assessment for our company that was extremely professional and effective. We've implemented some of the initiatives that were recommended and will implement others as the time is right." - President, Manufacturing

"Multiple team member comments about the culture assessment indicate to me that they are aware we are making a difference in what we do, and they want to be stronger contributors to making that happen." - Superintendent, Government