Hire & Retain the Best with a People-Focused Culture

  • 84% of job seekers research an organization’s culture before deciding to apply.*
  • 75% would consider leaving their current employer to work somewhere with a better culture.**
  • 69% would not take a job with an organization that had a bad reputation as an employer and bad reviews from past employees.**

* According to Talentnow.com
** According to Glassdoor


Start with Trust and Accountability!

Culture is not the sole responsibility of Leadership or HR. THRIVE's approach was designed to involve and engage your entire team in the process around a core of trust and accountability.

Some organizations miss the mark by focusing exclusively on data and measuring themselves against industry averages with no follow-through. Some believe culture is a marketing campaign, or is just about a set of declared values and behaviors.

  • A culture can't be manufactured.
  • Engagement, motivation and commitment can't be dictated.
  • Positive attitudes can't be commanded.

These come from within, and grow from that core of trust and accountability.




Our Approach

We provide processes, tools and resources to help you continually evolve your culture and keep culture initiatives on track. We help you gain insight that can only be obtained through active involvement and feedback from your team. An outside source can be most effective for getting direct candid feedback; but, this is only the beginning - it can't stop there. Getting feedback with no follow-through can do more harm than good.

Our Processes & Tools

Were designed to follow through on feedback and take actions regarding specific aspects of culture - those aspects that are most important to your team members.

Our Goal

Is to make the greatest cultural impact for your team members and your organization, and to ensure that your culture is authentic, and is lived on a daily basis, because . . .

  • If the cultural image and expectations don't match the real cultural experience - people won't stay.



Were HiringJob candidates approach an organization with a set of expectations. Those who believe that a culture and role will meet those expectations will feel more connected and engaged, and will have higher levels of performance and retention.

"Culture Fit" is about what a person brings to a team beyond knowledge, skills and experience. It is about what makes a person feel connected and engaged. It is about what provides a mutually beneficial work experience.

Benefits of utilizing "Culture Fit":

  • Assess cultural expectations and determine what engages and motivates a candidate (demonstrates your commitment to a people-focused culture).
  • Show candidates how the culture and role align with their intrinsic motivators (you know it's about more than money).
  • Establish a cultural connection with top recruits to help seal the deal (make it relatable to them, anyone can just say they have a good culture).




Strategic Planning 2


  • Establish a clear direction for addressing current and future workforce cultural needs and objectives
  • Update or redirect your workforce cultural strategy due to organizational changes
  • Identify cultural opportunities that will guide workforce strategies and help you remain competitive in the job market
  • Guide workforce succession planning

"Thank you for all the time and effort you have put into helping us get going in the right direction." - Board Member, Nonprofit

"The resulting information from the Workforce Development and Engagement Strategic Plan was concise, action-oriented, and valuable to our organization. It will help us continue to grow." - President of the Board of Directors, Manufacturing

"Going through this process brought out some of the most positive aspects of our department and has made me, as a manager, aware of the dedication of my staff." - Administrator, Government



Culture 6 For Website


  • Stay tuned in to your team members, identify and eliminate cultural liabilities that could give people reason to consider other opportunities
  • Identify and utilize cultural assets to recruit and engage new hires
  • Implement changes that will make the greatest impact
  • Verify that the cultural image and expectations continue to match the real cultural experience
  • Guide team members to sustain culture efforts

 "Mary's approach and interaction really brought out the best of all of our team members. We realize how valuable her skills and assets are to an organization seeking to build a culture of trust and integrity." - Director, Government

"THRIVE completed a culture assessment for our company that was extremely professional and effective. We've implemented some of the initiatives that were recommended and will implement others as the time is right." - President, Manufacturing

"Multiple team member comments about the culture assessment indicate to me that they are aware we are making a difference in what we do, and they want to be stronger contributors to making that happen." - Superintendent, Government



Values 2






  • Provide a strong cultural foundation of shared values, a clear focus, and a purpose beyond profits that are meaningful and relevant to the team members
  • Update statements to align with an evolving culture
  • Validate cultural authenticity and integrity
  • Integrate your culture brand/promise with your customer brand/promise to reinforce your service commitment

"our purpose here, through Thrive's thoughtful guidance, is clearer than ever. Thrive has helped us create a perfect blend of a service first approach. A quality experience that gets everyone moving in a direction that can sustain an organizational vision for many, many years to come." - Director, Government

"Mary easily brought all of the staff members into the conversations and included their input on everything that was accomplished. Their level of commitment was apparent . . . they developed mission, vision and purpose statements that are genuine and challenging to them on a daily basis." - Superintendent, Government

"Mary influenced cultural change within our organization by establishing a shared focus and by guiding the team to take accountability for standardizing and streamlining processes that would help us achieve our mission, vision and purpose and improve customer service." - Owner, Service/Retail Business



Bridge 2

Want to verify that their HR practices are people-focused and aligned with the culture.

Want to ensure a diverse and inclusive culture.

Are looking to transform HR to become less tactical and more strategic.

Want to be able to spend less time hiring and more time developing their people.