Culture is a Powerful Means to Attract, Engage & Retain Talent

  • 84% of job seekers research an organization’s culture before deciding to apply.*
  • 75% would consider leaving their current employer to work somewhere with a better culture.**
  • 69% would not take a job with an organization that had a bad reputation as an employer and bad reviews from past employees.**

* According to
** According to Glassdoor

We can provide you with strategies, tools and processes that help you utilize your culture to the greatest extent to get better results.

1) We start with trust and accountability!

THRIVE involves your entire team in culture initiatives around a core of trust and accountability. Some processes define the culture and declare values with no input or involvement from the team, which results in a lack of buy-in because . . .

  • A great culture can't be manufactured.
  • True motivation and commitment can't be dictated.
  • Positive attitudes and high engagement can't be commanded.

These come from within, and are achieved through a solid foundation of trust and accountability.

2) We don't speculate!

THRIVE provides you with specific, focused information and an action plan. Some processes ask a small number of vague questions that speculate on what the issue is, which leaves you with more questions than answers and makes it difficult to follow through with actions. We provide you with information that is aligned with the critical components that increase engagement and retention and can be used to take action and achieve desired outcomes.

3) We emphasize cultural distinction and authenticity!

THRIVE verifies that the cultural image and expectations match the real cultural experience; because, if they don't, people won't be engaged and they won't stay. Some processes miss the mark by focusing only on data and measuring you against industry averages, which means very little to employees and customers/clients. We work with you to achieve a distinctive and authentic workplace where people live the culture on a daily basis and the organization delivers on its culture promise.





Strategic Planning 2



STAY INTERVIEWS - Stay tuned in to your team members, and they will be more inclined to stay with your organization!

Stay Interviews



"CULTURE FIT" for more effective Recruiting, Hiring & Onboarding

Were Hiring

"Culture Fit" is NOT about uniformity, but is about individuality. It is about what a person brings to a team beyond knowledge, skills and experience; what makes a person feel connected and engaged; what provides a mutually beneficial work experience.

Many start a new job, leave soon after, and say "It wasn't what I expected." Establishing "Culture Fit" puts mutual expectations out on the table for a better hire and will engage your new hires on a whole new level.




Values 2

Your Mission, Vision, Purpose and Values provide a strong cultural foundation, a clear shared focus, and a purpose beyond profits.

Are your statements memorable? Are they meaningful to customers/clients? Are they relevant to your team members? Do they understand how their individual work is connected?






Bridge 2

Want to verify that their HR practices are people-focused and aligned with the culture.

Want to ensure a diverse and inclusive culture.

Are looking to transform HR to become less tactical and more strategic.

Want to be able to spend less time hiring and more time developing their people.