Team Influence & Impact

People who feel a strong connection to their team, who positively influence each other, and who work together efficiently to achieve shared goals and make a positive impact have greater job satisfaction and personal success.


A valuable experience for all team members that will make them feel more involved and more personally invested in the success of the team and the organization even if they are not in a leadership role. (Can be conducted by department or unit.)


Prior to the workshop, team members will be asked to complete an assessment form. The results will give them a better understanding of how they are most engaged and motivated, and how they influence and can impact the team.


The workshop will share the importance of strong teamwork and the value of diversity/inclusion - how unique individuals can make the most of their assets and strengths and work together to multiply their effectiveness and the impact they are making.

Team members will learn how to utilize the assessment information to:

  • Strengthen team connections and collaboration
  • Improve team communication
  • Guide team interactions and conflict resolution
  • Share challenges and successes

After the workshop, leaders will be provided with assessment information for individual team members and additional goal setting information to assist them with personal development of their team members.

This program can also help individual teams/departments/units:

  • Build a strong team culture within the organizational culture
  • Develop a team mission statement and identify team guidelines, and put these into action on a daily basis


"The team was tasked with taking a look at a higher level than their daily routines, and they responded with ideas and insights that showed me they knew they were making a positive impact."  - Manager, Manufacturing

"I appreciated the guidance toward a think-tank type of learning. This really uncovered some great ideas to positively influence cultural change."  - Team Member, Technology

"THRIVE provided us with a tool to develop a Team Strategic Plan that will build a stronger team connection among the teachers."  
- Director of Talent Recruitment & Development, Nonprofit School, Vancouver, B.C., Canada

"I liked the team interaction and how the focus was on those who may not be leaders but still have influence. I also liked that the concepts were presented in a personal aspect."  - Team Member, Service Industry

"The feedback was extremely positive. Team members appreciated seeing their own individual motivating factors, and leaders felt this insight will give them a better opportunity to learn what approach works best and what is most important to each team member." - Administrator, Government

"Supervisors discussed teaming up different individuals on projects that would be a good fit for a successful outcome and will create a dynamic group." - Manager, Service Industry