Team Influence & Impact

The Power of Collaboration, Communication, Cooperation, Celebration
Flexible schedules and remote workers can make teams feel disconnected, and make team building more challenging.

This program connects team members in a unique way by helping them feel more involved and more personally invested in the success of the team and organization, even if they are not necessarily in a leadership role or always working together physically. This makes the difference between sustained engagement and engagement that fades away.

This program is ideal for teams/units/departments within an organization or smaller organizations to:

  • Strengthen team connections and collaboration
  • Improve team communication
  • Guide team interactions and conflict resolution
  • Share challenges and celebrate successes
  • Improve team performance and results

Team Influence 1

Team Influence 2

"The team was tasked with taking a look at a higher level than their daily routines, and they responded with ideas and insights that showed me they knew they were making a positive impact." 
- Manager, Manufacturing

"I appreciated the guidance toward a think-tank type of learning. This really uncovered some great ideas to positively influence cultural change."  - Team Member, Technology

"I liked the team interaction and how the focus was on those who may not be leaders but still have influence. I also liked that the concepts were presented in a personal aspect."  - Team Member, Service Industry

"The feedback was extremely positive. Team members appreciated seeing their own individual motivating factors, and leaders felt this insight will give them a better opportunity to learn what approach works best and what is most important to each team member." - Administrator, Government

"Supervisors discussed teaming up different individuals on projects that would be a good fit for a successful outcome and will create a dynamic group." - Manager, Service Industry


Team Objectives


Your team won't succeed simply because you have the best talent.

Your team will succeed because you have developed a cohesive group of people who are best able to work together to achieve shared objectives.