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Welcome to my Blog Page.

I chose to call it LIVSGLAD, a Danish word that means light-hearted, cheerful, happy, zest for life. I chose the elephant, a symbol of beauty, power, dignity, intelligence and peace, which has a large presence and leaves a lasting impression on people. Having images of an elephant in a space is said to protect against negativity, and an elephant with the trunk up is said to be showering good fortune.

Positivity is my choice!  Amy 


Thank goodness it's Monday! Wait . . . What???

There's a group of people walking at a comfortable pace from the parking lot into the building where they work. They are telling each other stories and laughing and then they disburse, wishing one another a good day. These are engaged team members, ready to take on a new week with enthusiasm. These are happy, positive team members.

What do they bring to the organization and their particular positions within that organization?

Engaged, happy and positive team members are:

  • 37% more successful in sales
  • 3 times more creative
  • 31% more productive
  • 19% more accurate
  • Up to 10 times more engaged

According to research conducted by Sonja Lyubomirsky at the University of California-Riverside, 50% of our happiness is influenced by our genes and 40% is influenced by our intentional activities. Which means, we can create happiness - for ourselves and others. But what are people seeking in order to be happy at work? Research shows certain criteria are a common thread in a large number of studies. Let's take a look at what team members want in a healthy, happy workplace environment.

TEAM MEMBER INVOLVEMENT: That is to say, MEANINGFUL involvement. People want to be part of decision-making, managing teams, committees, suggestion forums.

WORK-LIFE BALANCE: Flexibility is a key factor in team member satisfaction. Sufficient family time and personal time are necessary to enable team members to work at optimal levels.

GROWTH & DEVELOPMENT: Invest in your people. Encourage or even make classes or seminars mandatory. As people learn, ideas are sparked and personal growth occurs, thereby bringing growth and opportunities to the organization.

HEALTH & SAFETY: Ensure all safety measures are taken to protect workers, and offer wellness initiatives to promote good health.

RELATIONSHIPS: Humans are social creatures. Encourage and support socialization. Water cooler talk is good for morale and relationship development.

INNOVATION: When we are open to and embrace new ideas, we create energy and involvement. Encourage out-of-the-box thinking and create opportunities to share ideas. Never criticize others for their input because even a piece of it may have relevance or spark another idea. Also, always listen.

OPEN COMMUNICATION: Change can be difficult sometimes. No secrets, no surprises. Team members can help find solutions; so, before a huge decision or change is made and announced, get them involved. Make sure to include those who will be affected. When they know they had input, they will be more likely to get on board.

PURPOSE: Though we all need purpose, this concept is especially true for the younger generations. They need to know they are making a difference toward something more than the bottom line, more than the boss getting that new BMW. Put purpose before profit and you'll wind up with teams who drive revenue through the roof.

RECOGNITION: Your people work hard; and, recognition such as awards and bonuses, along with appropriate pay and benefits keeps retention high.

So, we're back to those people walking into work on Monday morning . . . the stories and laughter could be about a new idea for a committee to help further a go-green initiative, congratulating a co-worker on their 10-year anniversary with the company, making plans for lunch together on Wednesday, recognizing that someone on another floor has lost weight on the wellness program, or highlighting a recent seminar that someone attended.

Positivity and happiness are powerful tools in the quest for high performing engaged teams that boost creativity, growth and the retention of your people.

"Take care of your employees and they will take care of your business." - Sir Richard Branson