Culture Fit Program


Because the right culture fit leads to higher performance, increased engagement and retention. Engaged employees play a key role in your organization. They are ambassadors for your business and attract other high performers.


  • Assess "culture fit" during the hiring process and determine what engages and motivates a candidate.
  • Establish a "culture connection" with top recruits to help seal the deal.
  • Provide "culture reinforcement" to onboard and increase retention of new hires.


Culture Fit: Where would you thrive?

Because the right culture fit leads to a more positive, fulfilling work experience. When people have greater job satisfaction, they feel more invested in the work they do; which improves the quality of what they bring to an organization and makes them more successful.


  • Utilize to assess how you can become more engaged in your current role.
  • Utilize as a tool to assist in your job search.

 *** Currently being offered to individuals who are job searching at no cost *** 

Go to the CONTACT US page, ask for the "Culture Fit Assessment" and provide your contact information (this info will not be shared and your request will remain confidential). We will email you the assessment form which can be completed and sent back to us.





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