Increase Engagement & Job Satisfaction

Engaged employees:

  • Are 17% more productive *
  • See an average of 20% higher sales *
  • Have 70% fewer safety incidents *
  • Use 41% less sick days *
  • Have 40% fewer quality defects *

* According to Quantum Workplace

Engaged employees have greater job satisfaction . . .
which makes them happier, less stressed, and more successful!


Our Programs

Were designed to help people take charge of their work experience.

Allow people to feel involved, informed, important and personally invested in their organization.

Help people see the big picture and how they are an important part of it, which will strengthen their commitment to the organization, to the team, and to those they serve.


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Leadership 2


Understand that there are very few "born leaders" and that leadership requires a willingness to self-assess in order to lead with more confidence and understanding.

Want to set high standards within multi-generational teams by building trust, providing challenge, and maintaining focus.

Want a chance to recharge and reconnect with other leaders and share challenges and successes.


"That's why we have coaches. It's their responsibility to create a coordinated efficiency out of unique individuals. You fit your game to the talents and personalities of your team, as well as to your own." -Vince Lombardi 


Services Team


Want to know how they are influencing and can impact the team, the culture and the organization even if they are not in a leadership role.
Want to know how they are most engaged and motivated.

Want to build stronger team collaboration, improve team communication, and guide team interactions and conflict resolution.

"Mutual commitment helps overcome fear of failure - especially when people are part of a team sharing and achieving mutual goals. It also sets the stage for open dialogue and honest conversations." -Mike Krzyzewski (Coach K)

Positivity Logo


Know that a positive work environment and positive work relationships are the most important factors to increase engagement and job satisfaction.

Want to enhance their current wellness program and promote positivity, overall well-being, diversity and inclusion within their culture.

"The greatest competitive advantage in our modern economy is a positive and engaged brain." -Shawn Achor


Services MotivatorFOR THOSE WHO:
Want to establish a "culture connection" with recruits to help seal the deal.

Want to provide "culture reinforcement" to onboard and increase retention of new hires.

Are job searching and want to know, "Where would you thrive?"



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