What Motivates Us?

Each of us has experienced negative workplace cultures first-hand. We know how it affects the people within an organization and how it negatively affects the organization. We take workplace culture seriously because we take it personally.

Since the average person spends about 100,000 hours of their lifetime working, it's no surprise that people are seeking out those organizations that take workplace culture seriously.

Providing a wage will get you a person's physical presence, some access to their skills and knowledge and certain quotas of production; however, it takes more to get their enthusiasm, initiative and creativity.

It takes more to get them to stay!



OUR MISSION:  Empower people to own their workplace culture and influence positive change.

OUR VISION:  Promote positive workplace cultures that are authentic, where people live the culture on a daily basis, and the organization delivers on its culture promise.

OUR PURPOSE:  Increase engagement and job satisfaction so that people and organizations will thrive.




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