Key Motivator Assessment

People Development, Engagement, Diversity

Services Motivator

The best way for an organization to grow and develop is to support the personal growth and development of their team members. THRIVE can help your organization:


  • What engages, motivates and challenges individual team members
  • What allows them to offer their best efforts
  • How can leaders best support their team members' personal success


  • Drive the personal development process and assist in goal setting
  • Promote diversity/inclusion by showing how individual assets and talents better the team and organization
  • Use in the hiring process to align key motivators of job candidates with job responsibilities
  • Use in the onboarding process to engage and acclimate new hires to the culture from day one
  • Provide the challenge needed to prevent people from becoming stagnant in their roles and offer a path for team members to grow and develop within the organization
  • Connect individual's efforts to the mission, vision and purpose to build stronger commitment and show how they are integral to the success of the organization
  • Clarify everyone's individual role in putting the values into action


"The feedback was extremely positive. Team members appreciated seeing their own individual motivating factors, and leaders felt this insight will give them a better opportunity to learn what approach works best and what is most important to each team member." - Administrator, Government Service

"Supervisors discussed teaming up different individuals on projects that would be a good fit for a successful outcome and will create a dynamic group." - Manager, Service Industry