Mission/Vision/Purpose/Values Development or Updating

Values 2

THRIVE can work with your team to establish statements that:

  • Provide a strong cultural foundation of shared values, a clear focus, and a purpose beyond profits

  • Are meaningful and relevant to the team

  • Integrate your culture brand/promise with your customer brand/promise to solidify the service commitment to your customers/clients
  • Align with an evolving culture

  • Validate cultural authenticity and integrity

  • Provide a clear path for everyone to move the organization forward together

  • Strengthen team unity through a clear shared focus and build pride and commitment through strong shared values


"Mary easily brought all of the staff members into the conversations and included their input on everything that was accomplished. Their level of commitment was apparent . . . they developed mission, vision and purpose statements that are genuine and challenging to them on a daily basis." - Superintendent, Government Service

"Mary influenced cultural change within our organization by establishing a shared focus and by guiding the team to take accountability for standardizing and streamlining processes that would help us achieve our mission, vision and purpose and improve customer service." - Owner, Service/Retail Business