People & Growth Based Leadership

Leadership 2

1/2-day Workshop

For mid-level leaders who are responsible for supporting and coaching current team members and onboarding and mentoring new team members. Because there are very few "born leaders," leadership requires a willingness to self-assess.


Prior to the workshop, members of your leadership team will be asked to complete an assessment form. The results will give them a better understanding of their own leadership attributes and allow them to lead with more confidence and understanding.


The workshop will allow your leadership team to recharge and reconnect and to share challenges and successes with each other. They will learn how to:

  • Build trust, provide challenge, and maintain focus within multi-generational teams
  • Collaborate and utilize each other's strengths when faced with challenges
  • Establish key leadership team objectives
  • Promote accountability and set high standards for the team



Also offered,

1-day Program: "People & Growth Based Leadership"

Command and control leaders may get short-term results, but they also get short-term employees. People and growth based leaders back away from providing all the answers and solutions and promote accountability.

Your leadership team is tasked with a big responsibility for building and retaining strong teams. Bring them together to recharge and reconnect with this collaborative program for all levels of leadership that will inspire them to engage and motivate a cohesive team that is customer-focused, dependable and productive.

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